Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Bargain Returns & Some Possible Ash Sandals!

Following on from my previous post with my silk top, here is what I returned today.  Both amazing fabrics and quality but they've been sat looking at me for a few weeks with no thought to wear them. Since hankering after those decent, well made Ash sandals, I figured that sending these back pretty much pays for them, no matter how good a deal they were!

Silk Zoa New York top £20 from TK Maxx
Leather Edun skirt £34 from £400 TK Maxx
An absolute amazing piece of leather and a bargain but no matter how cheap it was.  I already have a leather skirt and this was just that little bit to puffy at the back
So, do I, don't I.....a lovely Instagram follower alerted me to the company Brand Boudoir selling Ash sandals.  I've not heard of them before and she said they fluctuate their prices (annoying!) so to act fast.  Now do I take the risk and wait until I'm home or get them sent to my Mum's whilst I'm away?  A lot to pay I know however after extensive research, a decent sandal on the high street is £40 odd and every year I buy a cheaper pair for around £20 that last me 1-2 years max.  Decisions decisions, I have until I fly Monday!

£159 down to £79
£135 down to £67
£129 down to £65

As much as I wanted black I am now veering towards the middle ones?  What do you think?!?!


  1. Do it! You'll have them for years. It's a great price for Ash. And the middle ones are my favourites too - will go with everything!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! Then arrived home to an email saying the sample sale is on again, arrrrgh! x


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