Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Zara & H&M Homeware Round Up

I don't have a Zara local to me so when I was in London for the afternoon in the week I made a bee line for it.  It didn't disappoint, I was so tempted but as I was doing my version of dry February (no shopping!) I didn't even tempt fate by trying anything on.  Instead I papped away to share some of my favourite finds with you, how generous, I know! 

I loved this simple white shirt, with a softer, curved collar, £29.99
A statement coat is always a winner in my books.  We live in a country where they are just needed so much that a patterned one adds so much more to an outfit, £99.99
As much as I love the printed coat above, there is always a place for a plain one.  However this still has some  character to it with the bias cut front.  A classic colour for £109.00
Another statement item but a cropped jacket this time.  I think that this could be teamed so well with some black trousers and a simple white top.  £79.99 
This was the one that I so nearly tried on.  I love white/cream tops, they are my favourite for ease of dressing up and the simplicity of a chic look.  £25.99
There was definitely a yellow theme going on!  I thought that this was a really good price for £29.99
This yellow blazer wasn't as bright as the above top, it would look amazing with some smart jeans.  £69.99
Another paler yellow, a great smart casual coat that speaks to you with it's colour alone.  £89.99
And finishing with the bright yellow again!  Suede, my favourite for shoes at £59.99
I've heard a lot about H&M homeware of late but only seen online.  The Oxford Street branch were advertising they had Homeware in their window so I had to take a peek.  I was pleasantly surprised and the quality wasn't as bad as I thought (I love a bit of H&M but sometimes the quality just isn't that great).  I would even say it is on a par with Zara Homeware (they have an independent shop down Regent Street purely with their homeware if you are ever near).  As you would expect, prices are very fair.


  1. I soooo need a trip to Zara pronto! I need that gorgeous cream blouse in my life! Some gorgeous picks Natalie! xx

  2. Some lovely picks. I was in Zara in Gatwick yesterday and was really tempted ... until I discovered that even at Duty Free prices, it was still more expensive than here!

    1. Frustrating isn't it. Must make the most of it when I visit my sister in Dublin x

  3. Fab selection Natalie, I love that little white blouse too and am huge fan of H&m home wear, it is so reasonable and decent quality, I love the greys darks rose and pale pink colours xx

    1. I think I may have made an error with that top....! x


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