Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Topshop Sale Finds

Well Bicester Village ended with....wait for it, a new peg bag!  I know, I know, last of the big spenders hey but I'm a firm believer of all things fate so my birthday pennies weren't meant to be spent there. The next day I popped to my local Topshop to return a t-shirt I'd bought online (bad reviews, note to self, must read them before I purchase!) and what a result I had.  I had seen this top in the Summer but hadn't had a chance to try it on.  It's cotton, one of my favourite (non) colours, is a classic style and for £12, it was mine.  

Next up was this kimono which I loved when it came out but felt the £45 price tag was a bit steep. Last in my size, £15.  I adore this - much to the dismay of my husband who really doesn't but I like it that much his opinion just didn't count!  He said I was having one of my 'fashion moments again'.....

Yet another top I had had my eye on and yes, you've guessed it I wasn't keen on the £34 price tag, so this £10 one sat better with me.  I sized up as wanted a slightly looser fit.  I can't wait to wear this, it will work so well with my staple trouser of choice - jeans, but will just make the whole look a little more interesting.

I grabbed this jumper as soon as I saw it on the rail even though it was the wrong size as I loved the texture.  For £10, even if it wasn't the best fibre composition it was too soft to leave behind, I would wear as loungewear.  Luckily a few rails down my size was there!  It has moulted so I have just given it it's first wash in the hope it won't anymore.

If only you could touch it, you'd understand!
I found this top online for £10 from £36, it needs a good iron but again my favourite colour (in case you're new to my blog, I like a lot of neutrals as the base to my colour palette!).  It requires a little vest underneath but thought that it would be easy to wear without making an outfit too formal as it is a loose fit.  I always tend to wear prints/ruffles/patterns up top purely because that is where I am smallest so it balances out my proportions.

Not one to look like I just bargain hunt (!) I headed to the jeans as I have lived in my ripped knee Joni's and wanted a blue pair with no rips.  I bought the Leigh's to give them a whirl, £38.  They are super soft (exactly what it says on the tag), slightly higher in the waist than a Baxter but not as high as the Joni's - so a great in between.  Second time I've worn them today and they haven't lost their shape and are just as comfy as the first day I wore them.  I'm a little nervous of the dye so I'm wearing with dark boots to start with before they've had a few washes.  Topshop jeans get a big thumbs up.

This is possibly my favourite purchase (although, this was such a good shop, I find it hard to choose) this denim shift dress was down to £20 from £38.  I saw it online and checked if they had my size in my local - a great online feature that Topshop have, I love it.  It was still there when I went to store, yippee!  I bought it originally for Summer school runs however with a thermal and tights, it worked so well even now for the school run.  

(Yes, that is my Lizzie cat wrapped up in my baby blanket from 30+ years ago...oh & Spongebob!)
A simple back with just a zip up

Not that these are from Topshop but the boots above were my New Years Day purchase when I was in London with my sister.  I have been after a tan boot since forever and being suede was a bonus (I have a thing for suede shoes).  They were £28 and have been worn so much already. 

Gap boots

So the moral of this story - head to Topshop as their sale has just got a ton better.  Oh and buy out of season staples.  I always find great bargains when I buy in the wrong season, so long as it's not high fashion items that won't work anymore, you're on to a winner!


  1. Looks like you nabbed some incredible bargains!

  2. Wow!! Love your Topshop bargains....looks like they were all meant to be!! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, glad I put those birthday pennies away now and didn't splurge on 1 or 2 items. x

  4. You've bagged some lovely pieces there. Hubby comment made me laugh - they so don't get it do they? x

  5. Well done you - some fab pieces. It's a shop I never go into. I think perhaps I should give their jeans a whirl?

    1. I dip in and out Helen but I do recommend their jeans x

  6. Wow! Great buys, Natalie. Love them all. Your denim dress is so cute! Lynne xx

    1. It's been washed, ironed and ready to go again Lynne, am very pleased with it x


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