Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Figleaves Press Day & Some Gift Idea's

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending the Figleaves press day at Claridges.  This post has been a while coming as to cut a long story short, the beautiful bra set that was gifted to me didn't fit and I was then sent a voucher.  Well I've finally spent it hence I can now include it in my post and round up of the lovely day I had.  Figleaves have some stunning lingerie in for anyone who wants to give a subtle yet easy hint to their other half.  A couple of my favourites below. 

For the more 'comfortable' lounge dressers amongst us they had the cutest selection of slippers lined up - the Ugg ones being my favourite.  Followed by the cashmere - oh the cashmere, I homed straight in on this part of the closet.  They had their own range as well as some DKNY.

It's all about the hearts!
Don't forget they sell Men's items too - great for gifts if you are stuck!
The setting wasn't bad either!

Not only did I get to browse their collection but I was given a gorgeous manicure, what a treat!  And it lasted well over a week as well - that's a record!
Bracelets; Annie Haak, Valentino & Tiffany
A hazy lift selfie of my outfit, it was the Summer holidays and whilst rushing the get the children ready there was no time to ask anyone to take a semi-decent picture of what I wore!

Top; Sandro
Bag; Balenciaga
Jeans; Gap
Shoes; Hobbs
So after coming back from my hot Summer holiday to our very cold weather, it was only fitting I upgraded my PJ's as I wanted something warm and cosy.  I'd heard of Cyberjammies before but didn't own a pair and these were 100% brushed cotton so I though I'd give them a go.  Not forgetting my slight cashmere addiction I also grabbed some socks with it in!

When they arrived I was sold straight away - the pyjamas are the softest, most comfortable pair I own.  Aside from when they have to be washed, they have pretty much been worn non stop since I've had them.  I tried to take a photo of me in them but decided it really wasn't necessary for you to see me in that light, there are some things that really don't need to be shared!  Oh and the socks, another fab find.  I can honestly say both have been welcome additions to my wardrobe - and I don't have to say that either I promise!

When I spent my voucher I was just thinking 'warm cosy treat' - and why not.  However only today did I even think to check if they had this fabulous bra I found at the CK outlet in the Summer.  Low and behold, they stock it, oops!  So this is probably what I should have bought, the Calvin Klein Push Positive bra at £42.00.  If like me you struggle with bras and wires digging in, this is amazing.  There are no wires but still enough padding to help what I have!

Yes, all those pretty lingerie pieces and I chose to buy pi's.......!


  1. What a very glamorous post! And you're not alone ... I would have honed straight in on the pjs and cashmere as well! How sad are we?!! Love your outfit by the way. Fab shoes - makes me long for summer again x

    1. Yes, definitely sad together then! I know, there's a whole section of my wardrobe screaming at me but it's just too damn cold, arrrgh!x

  2. What a fab day & as always you look lovely! I'm with long until Summer?! Ax

    1. As soon as Christmas is over I always think Spring is on it's way....if only!x


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