Friday, 4 July 2014

The J Crew Order

Back to sharing with you some purchases I made one night at the end of May after a rather unsuccessful shopping trip.  I placed three online orders, Gap, Zara and J.Crew.  The reason for this post being so delayed is it's been a work in progress, literally.  I ordered 4 items originally.  They came a week later and the only ones that I adored were the shoes which were too small.  The next size up was available but my toddler decided to remind us about the terrible 2's and by the time I checked out, they were sold out.  I wasn't impressed.  These were the amazing kiki ballet pumps, soft buttery leather, stunning.  Not meant to be hey.  (But if anyone sees them in a 6.5/3.5 UK, shout me ok!).

£160 down to £48
I'd been coveting their camouflage sweater but it wasn't in my size so as it was free delivery and returns, I thought I'd try the below.  Very average for the sale price tag of £30 I'm afraid to say.  £59.50 down to £35 currently.  It's also fleece lined so a tad warm for now.

My older purchase was a different colour of the top I already have (shown in this post), the navy version.  As much as I love it, I do have a habit of multiplying on items I like then get bored so I decided to save the £30 for a completely different item.  And I'm so glad I did.

£69 down to £39 currently
My second haul was a lot more successful.  On a whim I decided to try their shorts.  I am not easy to buy for bottom half wise, I am a petite pear shape but having tried the larger size in the pink in my first order, I went darker/smaller and it paid off.  I love these shorts.  They are really smart and the colour is amazing.  I feel like Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman when she wears her smart shorts suit to the polo match!  I am yet to christen them but I'm hoping I haven't jinxed the weather and they will get an airing this year.  I paid a bargain £29 for them but they are currently £45 from £75.  

I also grabbed this jewelled top which I had my eye on when my sister was in the US but as I had limited myself to two tops only (I have to have some limits/will power/resisitance??) I said no.  I was worried about the jewels being a bit too much of a faddy trend, the washability of it with jewels and the price tag feeling a bit hefty.  Well I tossed all that aside when it went into the UK sale and I'm glad I did.  I actually tried it on originally with the shorts above and it didn't look half bad actually!

Was £69.50, I paid £27.  Currently in and out of stock and was around £45 last time I saw it
My grey and black version
I also tried this jacket.  Not a fan (sorry J.Crew).  Cut and style wise, lovely.  Fabric - think wet suit.  I know this is probably what it's meant to be but I just didn't think it worked.

£118 down to £70 currently, I paid £45
Another top I loved (size down on it though as this top comes up large).  I would need an XXS in it (and no, before anyone comments, I am not that small ....) but it had sold out at the time and I now wouldn't pay what they are asking for it!

£98 down to £58 currently, I paid £37
So would I recommend J.Crew.  Hell yeah.  I love that it is still small in the UK shop wise (so not on every person you see) and the quality is right up there.  Their fit and styles are fashionable without being 'for the kids'.  My only issue has been their shipping.  I had a huge palava with my second order.  For some reason I was told it wasn't allowed to be left with a neighbour - shippers rules from their contract company BorderFree (despite my first delivery having done so.....), would only deliver Monday - Friday 9-5, wouldn't delivery to another address and wouldn't leave at the local DHL collection point.  If I missed the 3rd delivery attempt it was going back to the US or I could do a 40 mile round trip to collect it.  Anyway, I got it in the end and I will say their staff at the other end of the emails were always very polite and helpful.  So don't let that put you off, just be aware of where you get it delivered (work address if you can!).  I was also having an incredibly unlucky week so maybe it was just me!  Oh and also, to be fair, it was more DHL and BorderFree than them.

My current wish list;

Lace Yellow Skirt £98 down to £29
Floral silk shorts £238 down to £90
Merino Swaeter £89.50 down to £53 (LOVE this, I just want it cheaper please J.Crew!)
Major bargain alert here with this cashmere jumper, £248 down to £55
A kind reader alerted me to the fact that they always vary in stock levels so do go back and check in case your size comes back in again.  Hence, I have left links to items in even if they are sold out, add it to your 'wish list', you never know your luck!

And lastly, I have no idea how I managed to get the items I did cheaper than what they are currently.  Sorry to have to share them at now higher prices!  Must. Do.  Better.  Next.  Time! 


  1. Love the top with the jewelled neckline on you Natalie. I haven't really looked at their sale at all this season, still trying to catch up with a lot of sales x

    1. They seemed to have a better sale before their Summer sale for some reason! I've only just started grabbing a few bits now, I find it too much when they all first go into sale.x

  2. Oh my word .... I'm now very excited ... because I'm going to Chicago in '42 sleeps' time :) Hurray!!!!

    1. Jealous!! My idea of shopping Heaven is the US! Enjoy x

  3. What a shame about the shoes.....they are divine! Love the top with the jewelled neckline too! Might have to have a little nosey around their sale! xx

  4. Top with built in necklace is GREAT! How on earth do you wash it though???

    1. On a hand wash cycle on my machine (have down other beaded tops and all wool/cashmere) otherwise, good old faithful hand washing in the sink! x

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