Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Victoria Beckham Top

I mentioned a few posts ago that my lovely sister had found me a Victoria Beckham top in her local TK Maxx in Dublin.  It made it's way to me, then back to her unfortunately.  It just wasn't me.  I know it isn't meant to be worn with a torn jeans (!) but that aside, it was very long in the body and the colour washed me out.  It did feel luxurious though, and at approximately £50 for a VB piece, if I had loved it on, it would have stayed.  Also it was very well made, I wouldn't expect anything less!

I have always been a Mrs Beckham fan, even in the Spice Girls.  I love how immaculate she is, that she really makes an effort.  I know she isn't a lot of peoples cup of tea but she is mine and on my wish list is a piece from her collections.  When I was in Harrods last week I saw the below by VB.  Just the right balance between soft and hard leather for everyday wear.  A great, functional, versatile design and colour way, with a long strap and option to use as a clutch.  I am saving! 


  1. You are so lucky that your sister has her eyes peeled for you!! Lovely top....shame it didn't work out but I bet your sister will come up trumps with something even better for you!! Or better still save up for the bag xx

    1. She is good I know, she's off to Dubai at the week-end.....! I have my eye on that handbag, fingers are crossed for the sales!x

  2. Oh what a shame but no point it keeping if it doesn't work for you xx

  3. Gorgeous top Natalie & a true bargain but if you don't love it you did the right thing in returning it.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  4. Such a shame but if it isn't right you just won't wear it. I love the clutch, too, but wowzers that is quite a price! H x

  5. I really like it on you but if you didn't like it then you are wise to return. I shall keep an eye out on my TK Maxx for something VB

  6. I'm with you .. I love VB. And funnily enough, I've also stopped to stroke that very clutch in Brown Thomas, albeit in the yellow & tan colourway. HOWEVER .... I'm pretty sure that it was the same prices in euros in BTs ... which would be quite a reduction for you, wouldn't it? You need to get your sister to go and check it out x

  7. I worked on a fashion show last year where they were showing her collection - totally fell in love. Beautifully streamed, love!


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