Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Converse Update and Some L'Occitane

It feels like ages since I've blogged but in the real world it's been just over a week and I have so many posts to share!  But I will start where I left off; Converse.  Thank you all for your comments on my post below, interestingly only a few were completely for Converse.  But they do seem to be a bit of a wardrobe staple I'm missing so I've tried them on.  I definitely liked the slim ones a lot more than the original.  Here are my finding's in pictures.

The 'Ct Lite Ox' Converse

The 'Dance Lace' Converse

The two styles I wanted to try, lined up next to each other

Quite a selection!

I ran out of time to try these on but I'm thinking the depth of the sole would be the same as the original Converse anyway.  However I thought I would share for any Vans fans - how cool is this collaboration!

So my conclusion is that it's definitely the 'Ct Lite Ox' style that work on me.  The 'Dance Lace' finished a little to low down on my foot for what I'm looking for.  However at £44.99 I can wait for them, I know they fit and the style I like but I begrudge paying full price for anything.  My research is done, when the price is right, they will be mine!  (Although I appear to have missed out on the dark grey for £20 on line!).  Just the colour left to decide, do I or don't I go wild......

I popped along to a L'Occitane shop in High Wycombe for an 'In Style' evening.  For £10 if the deal ever comes up again, I fully recommend it.  My friend and I each received a hand massage (there was also the choice of a facial) along with in depth, invaluable advice on all their products from the amazing Ali.  A glass of Rosé (or still lemonade - it was delicious), 15% off anything and a goody bag worth £50 made it a well worth while event.  I purchased some lavender roll on essential oil as I decided I definitely need more clam and relaxing smells in my life!  It feels so cool on the skin as well as therapeutic.

Just a few things in the goody bag!

It's on now and I'm relaxing and signing off!


  1. Too many Converse to choose from, so I can't possibly help! But as regards L'Occitane .. wow! I will now be keeping a close eye on activities in my local store. That sounds like a fabulous evening and you can't beat a good goody bag :)

  2. I vote for the leopard print ones...they look fab! x


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