Monday, 8 July 2013

Some Zara Loving!

I hold my hands up, Olivia had it, so I 'needed' it!  A skirt as worn by Miss Palermo that is.  I tried it on and loved it and as I rarely wear a skirt (well actually, apart from a maternity one and a very sparkly evening one I don't think I wear them at all) I thought it was a must.  However, knowing the sales were imminent I didn't wear it straight away just in case!  It was obviously meant to be mine as it was reduced by a further £10 (mmm, yes Zara, not the best of sales for a few of your items) so I bought it again and returned the full price one!  I have worn it to work with black tights but now the sun is out, I can't wait for an occasion to dress it down with flats and a plain tee.  I love the colour blocking and the panelling really does work in my favour.

£39.99 down to £29.99

A 'trying it on in the changing room' shot!

Inspired by Olivia!
Next up some much needed black court shoes.  A boring staple that had to replace worn out old ones, but thanks to Zara I managed to find a quirkier pair.  Now these were a much better sale buy, £59.99 down to £29.99.  Originally I thought I had made an error due to the ankle strap.  But after 3 days they were broken in properly and I had no regrets.  I love the open back and suede shoes are one of my favourites for some reason.

They've worked just as well with black tights

And finally, another staple and a road tested one at that.  Being a loyal breton follower, I have done my fair share of trying lots of brands versions.  So far though, Zara's organic cotton ones are coming up trumps.  My navy and white one still looks as good as new and it's coming up 2 years old now.  It hasn't lost it's shape and at £12.99 I thought it was a good buy.  Now they are £5.99 in the sale so I snapped up two other colour ways to add to my mix, at this price why wouldn't you?!

I'll leave you with a picture of their new Knightsbridge store's changing room - how fab is this as the entrance?!


  1. Love that skirt Natalie, was lookin out for it in the sale actually but didn't see it. Very nearly bought a very similar all red one but decided to be sensible as I have about 5 unworn skirts in my wardrobe. Love the shoes, and the quirky touch with the heel is something different! X

  2. I think they went quickly. They did it in green, white and a navy floral print also. x

  3. Love that skirt and the shoes are divine. I also have that Breton, in a dark khaki and black which I too picked up for about a fiver in the Jan sales. Still looks as good as new!

  4. I adore that skirt - my sister bought the dress like it and it is stunning. Lucky you:)

  5. The skirt looks lovely on you - I wouldn't even think about getting anything like that but on everyone else, I can see it working and looking gorgeous. And that is not a backhanded way of saying I don't like the skirt, so I wouldn't look at it - it's just my personal mindset and getting beyond buying something practical.

    And the shoes - I would fall over just putting them on! How high!!!

  6. Sue, working in the big smoke for a few months trained my eye differently, I had to look good! Today however, back to the school run.....! It's always good to push yourself to try something different. Honestly, the shoes aren't as bad as they look, and the height made me feel amazing! x

  7. That skirt is gorgeous and I don't blame you for getting it, I've often lusted after things I've seen Olivia wear! I also love black suede shoes and yours are amazing! I think it's because black suede looks so dark x


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