Friday, 22 February 2013

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Love (and some very cheap Ballet Pumps!)

I don't know about you but I love the Palmers Cocoa Butter range.  I find their products very fairly priced and always good quality.  Last year when I ran out of my usual night cream and was waiting for the Christmas sale offers, I saw in Superdrug that Palmer's had a skin care range.  There were only a few products but they did have a night cream.  I was in a rush at the time and never got back to the store to purchase.  So this week whilst I was on a little light shopping trip with a friend, I paid Superdrug another visit.  I had asked in a few Boot's stores but they didn't stock the skin care items.  It's currently on a 3 for 2 offer and also available on line (just did a quick check and found they do a coconut hair range as well - yum!).  So my friend and I shared the offer as I only currently need a scrub, she bought one as well as the face mask.  This worked out at £4 and while it hasn't set the world alight as far as scrub's go (but then I am no expert), I feel that Palmer's have delivered again on a fair price and a good product.

£6 but cheaper if you use the 3 for 2 offer

Also on offer were their lip balms.  I have used them before but not the tinted dark chocolate cherry flavour.  For less than £2 each I grabbed them and am so impressed with the tint.  If you are after a cheaper alternative to the Clinique Chubby Stick, I really recommend this.

£1.89 for the plain, £1.99 for coloured

My favourite lip products at the moment

I was very well behaved on this shopping trip.  I even put a £10 top back in Zara.  However, after a recent trip to London where I had to wear some ballet pumps on the commute then swap to heels, I realised how much I needed a comfy pair.  These just called out to me.  They were sold by an independent but are by Jones Bootmaker.  Originally £60, last day of their sale, £15.93 to me - BARGAIN!  All leather, I thought at half price for £30 they were slightly over my none existent budget but for £15 odd, why would I walk away?  I can't wait to wear these bobby dazzlers!


  1. I like the Palmers Cocoa butter but I can only use their non fragranced range as I don't actually like anything sweet smelling on me. I do have one gripe with their dispenser tops - they always seem to get clogged up and I end up having to unscrew them to get to the lotion/cream. I think they do pump action dispensers now but I don't often see them around.

    Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Wrap up warm!

  2. I've never tried anthing but the body butter But had to stop cos it just makes me want to eat chocolate and I don't need any help there! Great buy with the pumps too.

  3. Ditto Sue's comment above, I love the non fragance range, must try the tinted lip balm

  4. I love the Palmers range, all of it - recommend the Coconut Body Butter - smells delicious and non-greasy intense moisturiser. Am off to find the lip tint.... cheers for the tip!

  5. Those shoes are perfect, the weather is so blah, I am addicted to buying pink in lieu of sunshine. I love your blog btw, I am reading avidly as moving to a cottage near Bicester (which could be very dangerous).

  6. I've used their pump ones Sue, but they clog a little too. It doesn't bother me though as I love the smell!
    Oooh, coconut! Definitely buying that next!
    Hello & welcome The Find Boutique Bootcamp! Thank you for reading! Bicester - oh dear, yes, it is very dangerous if like me, you are a shopaholic for a bargain! It's nice to buy something with some colour to brighter our mood with such dull weather isn't it. x


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