Sunday, 13 January 2013

For My Fellow Bloggers!

I love to read other peoples blogs, it's an instant connection to 'real people' and it's great to see how other people work their wardrobes.  Whilst reading through some of my regular's I felt I wanted to share not only them but respond to some of their posts with one of my own.   So here goes.

Beth (Style Guile) had just invested in some products after being advised so at a beauty counter.  After being left with a rash (and returning the said products) she is left sceptical about the beauty business.  So I thought I would photograph some of my trusted favourites. I mostly go on recommendations and magazines reviews as I believe them to be un-bias.  'Look' magazine always do a review on products and use readers to test them.  Failing that some larger boots have sample sizes next to products or I just ask for the samples!  Here are some of my favourite facial products.

1. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Wash - I always use in the morning,  not only is the scent amazing but it's under £5 and usually on offer.
2. Decleor cleanser and toner - I stumbled across this as it was reduced to £18 for the two on Amazon Black Friday deals last year.  I use at night and I would definitely buy again (but not full price of course!)
3. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - I use on my lips daily but pretty much on any other part of my body that needs hydrating or repairing.  That includes the kids and husband!
4. Clarins Eye Contour Gel - I use this in the mornings, it makes my eyes feel so fresh and wakes them up.  I initially had a tiny sample (which lasted ages) given to me by the sales assistant from their counter.
5. The Body Shop Camomile Eye Make-Up Remover - I spent years trying to find one that didn't smear across my eyes so my vision was hazy or so weak that it didn't do what it said on the tin.  This I am pleased to report works perfectly for me!
6. Garnier Wipes (dry skin) - I recently bought another brand due to price (why when these are such good value anyway is beside me) but I've gone back to these now.  I find that even though my skin isn't sensitive normally I tend to be a bit rougher when I use wipes so perhaps that's why these work well for me.  I alternate at night between these and cleansing and toning.
7. (Not pictured - sad face) my beloved Lancome Hydra Zen day and night creams - currently sat with a friend who sourced them half price in the sales for me!  I have broken out in those horrible lumpy under the skin spots and I know exactly why - I've been using a (much) cheaper night cream and samples of day creams.  Yes these are pricey (£40 ish each but I managed 2 for 1!) but I think if you find a product that suits your skin, then so be it.  I am not impartial to try different products - like I currently am, however after nearly 2 months of doing so, my skin has had enough! 

Sue (Susie So So) recently shared her day outfit, being jeans, jumper and scarf combo, she likes to keep it real!  So in a bid to be real back, here is my school run look from Friday.  My age old skinnies from Gap, I don't feel like they make them the same these days.  A Banana Republic jumper I found at a sample sale for £5.   As it is a v neck I put my Temperly Panther scarf around to keep out the cold.  Finished with my my old faithfuls, Timberland boots.  These have worn so well, they look better with age.  Had they been reduced sufficient enough in the black pair, I would have bought them again.  Looking back I think I definitely should have worn my darker jeans but needs must (as in 'clothes') when your rushing yourself and two kiddies out the house for school in the morning!

Avril (School Gate Style) has made a New Years Resolution to remember to put her eye cream on before bed.  I have my night creams right next to my bed ready to apply before I sleep.  I am religious with doing them, I like my skin to really hydrate at night as it's a great make-up free time for it to renew and replenish (I sound like a beauty ad!).  Here is my little display, yes it means more to dust around but it's a small sacrifice to pay to keep my skin in good condition!

1. Clarins Hand Cream
2. Boot rose cuticle oil (not every night!)
3. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
4. Cyclax Eye Cream
5.Olay Night Cream
6. Bath and Body Works Pillow Mist

And just for you Avril - my 'pajama pants' as my husband called them!   M&S for anyone interested, they looked loads better on the model, but are now only £8 in their sale if your after an alternative to black to go out in.  Back to store tomorrow to return, but they were worth a go!

And finally a little shout out to my lovely friend who launched her fabulaous on line Homewares shop.  She has a wealth of background knowledge in interiors and I'm sure when you take a look, you will all agree the products she is selling are just beautiful.  Introducing The White House Interiors.


  1. Hi Natalie and thanks for the mention - even in your dress downs - you look lovely.

    Brilliant post - I love stuff like this because it shows you really take note of what people say (now I sound like a teacher). And I have to say you are a whole lot more diligent and conscientious about your beauty regime than me!

  2. Ah thanks Sue! So glad you liked, thought it was about time I did one like this. Well I have my Mum to thank for my routine, she's always been good at hers so started me off well! It's a habit now, a good one thankfully which I am pleased to say I rarely break! x


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