Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Alternative to my grey coat

I've had some lovely compliments on my grey French Connection cost seen in this blog.  So much so, some have been to try and buy it but it's sold out at Bicester Village.  It was a bargain for £60 and I've had a lot of wear from it already, it is so versatile.  I have found a few alternatives though!

The red version, currently on their site in the sale section, reduced to £97.50.

Gap have a slightly shorter coat, which is very similar.  It is £89.95 but they recently had 30% off, they are always doing deals, so if you can hang on, it might be worth the wait.

£115 for the blue version at Asos

£68 at French Connections's Ebay outlet, this is 68% wool and was originally £190.  I am loving this one!

Reiss outlet section, was £245, now £163, 80% wool.  Stunning classic, easy to wear, an investment piece!


  1. Isn't it just! If only I didn't have a slight coat obsession, I may risk purchasing it, but wouldn't get it past the husband!!!x

  2. Stop it - I wanted a new winter coat this year but even with the discounts you quote they won't be making their way in to my wardrobe just yet - boooo!! But lovely find though xxx


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