Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Twist on a Christmas Party Dress

A client came over to show me her great find at Coast in Bicester Village.  She wasn't initially sure, however upon trying on properly at home and not being so rushed, realised and rightly so what a little gem this item was.  The dress is called Mathilde and was reduced to £90 from £160.  What I love about this dress is that it is sleek and classic from the front then twisted at the back with this amazing extra panel which really changes the traditional side of the dress.  It has a great shape and looked even better on.  We talked about adding something else to give it a bit of a lift in colour, purely because she is going to wear back tights and shoe boots (to give it more of a modern edge).  After trying on various necklace shapes with it, a bold bib style definitely worked the best.  So she was off to find a silver version to add that Christmas sparkle.  And judging by the pictures she's sent me, didn't she do well!  Well done T, you are learning and thinking more about your outfits as well as investment pieces that can work again and again.

Asos and John Lewis are still stocking this dress at slightly more than the outlet at Bicester Village

I love this extra panel, it looks so chic

A sparkly clutch also from Coast, £55 down to £35

I love this one from FCUK and believe this is her winner!

A slightly different style from Next, go with the other one T!

I, on the other hand have been let down by an online order having been sent the wrong sized dress and what I did order is no longer available, mentioning no names!  So I have less than a week to put my party outfit together, a rush yet again.  I really should start listening to my own advice with pre-planning these things.  I have too many birthdays and parties straight after Christmas which take up valuable pre Christmas time.  Wish me luck!

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