Monday, 26 November 2012

Autumn Trends Catwalk Show

I love to watch catwalk shows, you never know what you may see that inspire's you, it's like a lucky dip in the world of fashion!  I went to The Ideal Home Show at Christmas and watched Antonia O'Brien's take on Autumn Trends. I managed to grab a few pictures (and sorry, only half way through realised where the outfits were from, it was on a huge screen above the catwalk!) but I did pick up a trend I rather liked; a dress with a jumper and belt.  I think this look would work well if you are short of a smart/formal outfit and have a dress that you can put a jumper over without altering the shape of it to much.

The 'plum' trend, the model on the left was my favourite look (jumper was actually M&Co!)

You could dress this down with black tights and shoe boots

Sparkle! Red dress F&F (Tesco!)

LBD from Matalan

Winter warmers (military trend)

Everyone needs a good hooded parker in their lives!

Statement knits - middle jumper; Next (Primark have some fab Christmas cardi's in!)

Eye candy.....

Must dash, cat's just been sick on the baby's coat, back to reality!


  1. I've not been to a catwalk show since 6th form and that was a long time ago. i'm liking the idea of the jumper and dress together - saves me buying more skirts I don't wear.

  2. Ah you should try and get to some Sue, I love the buzz around them!
    Exactly! I am not a big skirt fan, I prefer dresses so this is a great way to change a look with what you have. x


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