Friday, 25 May 2012

Mummy's Night Out!

So after waiting months (we booked it in the diary way in advance!), myself and 2 of my fab Mummy friends decided to venture out for a Pizza and a few drinks so we could finally finish a conversation! You'd think having planned it so far ahead I would have sorted out an outfit, nope! I sat here typing this still with several different options thrown on the bed. My old faithful FCUK black dress is probably going to have to cut it. Note to self, as rare as a night out with the girls is, please buy yourself a outfit for such an occasion, my current dress is very tired now.

After a few tears and tantrums, I decided to get the old legs out to see the light of day (or night so to speak), brave the cold (it was at the time!) and wear the above. VERY old FCUK dress, Marks & Spencer shoes (soooo comfy), vintage clutch & yet again, the Miss Selfridge crop leather jacket makes an appearance! This really is my 'go to' jacket to add a little spice to an outfit (was in the kitchen when I dreamed up that terminology, can you tell? Cooking sausages mind, nothing spicy at all!)

My friend T and I are off to a concert at the end of the month, so I have enlisted my Mum and husband for school run duties and babysitting, so that we can hit Oxford Street prior to the concert. We've made a pact, for every item we try on, the other picks something we would recommend to try on, you never know! I now plan on buying an outfit for nights out so that it's not such a drama before hand (sigh, back of hand on forehead, I didn't do Drama A level for nothing......)

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