Monday, 20 February 2012

Staying Power - on the lips!

I went out to dinner with some friends last year and as usual the chat turns to girly stuff. They all struggle to keep a lippy on and were commenting on mine still staying put. I discovered none of them use lip liner! This has been a staple of mine since dot (well ok, a little older, thanks to my Mummy!). I always apply and fill in my lips pre lipstick and gloss. I really rate Shiseido for theirs, but also love my Chanel one I recently purchased. I am interseted to try Clinique's new chubby stick lip balm as I love to use pencils.

Hit TK Maxx for their fab new drop of shoe's. Think All Saints, Zara, even found a pair of Costume National - if only they were my size!

I am now post baby (hence my delay in blogging!) and watching back editions of programmes I've recorded. Particularly a make over series and the presenter has the most amazing wardrobe - serious envy and inspiration to shop. I am living in easy access tops at the moment, once I'm done with my current feeding job, I am hitting those shops. Westfield London, me and you have a day long date in the coming months.

Some of my favorite free store cards with benefits;
Ikea Family - apply on-line, weekly store offers, exclusive to your local store. I love Ikea!
Liberty - sale previews, extra 10% off for card holders, evening champagne events, I would use more if I was a London local!
Nectar - use for pretty much all on-line shopping, you just have to shop via their links to a website, nothing else. You get points like Boots and Tesco. Have used to buy things from Argos and Homebase.
Boots and Tesco - if you haven't already, don't ask questions, just do!
Superdrug - if you use regularly, they also now have a points card

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