Saturday, 19 November 2011

Trying something new!

So I made my trip the the Bare Minerals counter last month and been slack to update you all as didn't purchase it the same day. I like to try these things first! A primer was applied to start (never used before, I thought moisturiser was enough!), this felt lovely and a small sachet is supplied in the start up set to give it a go. So the application was a little different to my normal powder puff, it involved a large (supplied in the pack) brush being swirled over my face in circular motions. The assistant did one side of my face then let me have a go on the other side - I managed to match it up no problems! I left the shades down to her, I was the 'light' pack. There are 2 shades in there for Summer & Winter which I found handy as (sunshine dependent obviously) skin colour does change slightly through the year. The concealer powder was then used (again with a brush supplied) to cover any blemish's, I had a go and it was so easy. Lastly a 'veil' was applied, a subtle bronzer over the face. Apart from a few tweaks (my eyebrows had been swept around far too much...!) I looked like me, thank goodness (!) just a little better! I left it on for the duration of the day. I didn't feel 'caked' in the make-up, nor did I feel it was a look unachievable on my own. I liked the idea I could use in the day as well as build it up to give a slightly heavier coverage at night time. It also has SPF in it - a very important must and a DVD to remind me again at home. The one thing I was surprised about was how much was actually on my face when I removed it. I honestly didn't think much was on my face - it's just powder after all! But removing it covered all my cotton pads. Not sure I would feel 100% happy sleeping in it as advised you can do, but worth knowing I guess for a very late night!

So at £48 for the starter set, I decided to give it a go. Now on maternity leave and a strict budget, I shopped around for the best deal and just this morning, instead of paying £48, have paid £36.72 including delivery - BARGAIN! Thank you FeelUnique for your one day promotion of an additional 10% off, the waiting paid off!

Please feel free to ask me anything I may have missed, I think it's so important for us ladies to share our opinions.

PS you also get Nectar points at FeelUnique - double bonus!

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