Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Holiday Lessons Learnt

Who else loves the feeling of returning from holiday refreshed and ready to start again?

Having recently had 8 days of beautiful sunshine abroad with my family and friends I have vowed to get back to my blogging and continue to share my style tips old and new with you all. Writing this on the plane journey home as the family catch up on some sleep, I am also entering another chapter in my fashionable (!) life as I am expecting my 2nd child. With 1 to run around after already, I feel my wardrobe this time will be very different (think 25wks pregnant tottering around in heels and you'll get the gist!)

So there's my little life update, back to my holiday lessons! To save her blushing, I will refer to my friend who joined us on holiday as Madame Glam (sorry hun!). Ok so Madame Glam already has a slightly unfair advantage in the style stakes, she's a trained hairdresser and boy does that make a difference. However, her lack of worry about a stray eyebrow hair (unlike myself) and focus on a natural glamour is something I needed reminding of.

Lesson 1; buy a decent sun hat that fits please Glamrosie, not an age old H&M one that is faded and 'does the job'. Madame Glam strolls to the pool in a beautiful Debenhams hat that not only looks damn fab but shock horror, protects her from the sun too! Lazy moi so neglected that side of the poolside glamour.

Lesson 2; continue with practising the 'messy bun look' Madame Glam has taught me to buy some hair clips other than brown kirby grips. I have been really lazy with my bonnet of late. GHD's are my life saver but I have become very boring with them. Too hot to use them abroad, Madame Glam loosely pulled my hair on top of my head whilst I tipped it upside down, put a hair band round as though doing a pony tail, but didn't pull all the way through on the last go. So left with a kind of top knot, wrapped the ends of the hair around the band and secured with grips. Then used some of her pearl grips to pin down some stray hairs and shape into a messy bun.

Lesson 3; costume jewellery-wear what you've purchased Glamrosie, it's not just to look nice on the jewellery hanger. Madame Glam was not without some dainty pearl drop earring's even on the flight! For fear of cheapening my look, I've been more classic of late and played it safe with diamond studs and an old family bangle. But Madame Glam was a regular jewellery 'accessoriser' on holiday. A collection of bangles here, a flower hair grip there. She looked refreshingly fun in her evening outfits. Goodness I'm lazy!

Its nice to pick up new ideas from friends, sometimes its easier than reading them in a magazine. So thank you Madame Glam for jogging my memory and reminding me that it takes more than the clothes on your back to create an overall look.

Recently purchased items; Toppers tunic dresses attached - I will mainly be wearing leggings, leggings oh and leggings! But I have a Hen party coming up and can't wait to wear this bright and colourfully bold dress! Stripes - personally can do no wrong for me!

Shopping list item: Bare Minerals - not heard anything but praise for this brand. So am booking in at my local John Lewis for a trial and consultation. Whilst my wardrobe can not be majorly invested in in the next 4-5 months, I'm targeting other areas!

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