Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Putting it off....

Clothes shopping that is! I'm going to lose weight, I'm going to gain some weight, I'm just going to get that handbag from my wish list then....then I will sort out my wardrobe.

Does anyone else feel the need to put off buying clothes? Are we all becoming so obsessed with designer & cheap throw away accessories, as they are a quick and easy fix to an outfit? Don't get me wrong, I hold my hands up, I LOVE handbags and shoes. Handbags are so easy for me to buy, because I know exactly what I like...and I don't have to remove clothes to try one on. I have grown to love shoes, due to unfortunately being blessed with odd-sized feet. Short fat size 3 on the left, skinny long size 4 on the right - my friends have found it very amusing, however it's a struggle with peep toes, as you can imagine. As I have grown older I've realised the extent of my habit (- my own shoe & handbag wardrobe), is down to the very basic fact, clothes shopping for my shape is just not that easy. I am a petite pear and was still wearing Tammy Girl in my early twenties. For me, 'bottoms' are a sore point particularly so I stick with jeans and leggings - easy option. I get far more satisfaction and a quick fix by shopping for a new handbag or pair of shoes. So whilst my accessory collection grows, I find myself with an ever depleting wardrobe of trend wear. I have lazily become too predictable and safe by living in Primark long-sleeve tee's and Topshop Baxter skinnies for my quick high street fashion fix.

So, I challenge you all to set a late New Years resolution with me - and try to stick to it. On your next clothes shopping trip, when choosing an item consider and try on a wider range of styles. Try to buy a piece that is a little unusual from what has become your norm. Be bold and brave, add to that hanging rail in your wardrobe, not the shoe rack on the floor or shelf of handbags. Stop putting it off and buy for today! Happy shopping!

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