Sunday, 25 July 2010

Painted Nails

Tip - never have enough time to paint & dry your nails (well let's be honest here, it's the drying that takes up the time, and nothing more frustrating than smudging them!!), do it just before a half hour journey! Always apply a good basecoat (Mavala, Swiss brand going for years) is fab and drys in seconds. Then make sure the car is packed up ready, keys in the door ready to lock, apply the 1st coat and let it dry (you can still drive!). 2nd coat then has a firm base and you can do on the return leg of the journey. Alteratively, apply base & 1st coat in an evening (at least an hour before bed), then 2nd coat in the morning. Key is letting the 1st coat dry hard before the 2nd! Painted nails always brighter up a dull day, happy painting!


  1. Loving the nail post.... Can you buy Mavala basecoat from most shops?

  2. Hey, thank you! Larger stores and independent pharmancies usually stock this brand (think John Lewis, Debenhams etc). It is usually around £10 however i have just found it on Ebay for £6.93 with free P&P! Seller is Wakes2007, just type in Mavala Basecoat and you will see it.
    Alternatively look out for special promotional packs containing it. Debenhams had their Xmas packaging box with a bag and 4 products plus extra's in for £15 in the sale!

  3. Mavala is a superb brand. Nail painting is a thankless task... chips so easily, and doesn't even last a night out. Even the expensive brands are a let down. Any suggestions please?

  4. Try to allow as much time inbetween coats as i suggested above, i really think this makes a difference. If you are on a computer all day like me i also struggle with getting them to last very long. Jessica & OPI i believe to be the best (Chanel greats on toes but less than a day on fingers - such a shame!). Failing that, a more pricey option but proven to work - gels! Bio-sculpture is the new manicure for us working ladies!


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